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Our Vision

Originating as content creators - we’ve always had a natural presence within the community and industry.

We believe in both supporting influencers with our full in-house management capability, and campaign solutions. Specialising in coordinating with both influencer, and brand around the clock to ensure the development and completion of each creative campaign.

Creative Solutions
Digital Marketing
Paid Media
Influencer Management
Strategy & Activation
And more...

Services for brands

Working with a diverse line up of influencers, from a variation of regions we’re uniquely equipped to oversee new media focused campaigns, and drive new business.

Our services range from campaign planning, influencer selection, and Digital Strategy. With over 8 years of experience within digital marketing we’re familiar with what makes a successful campaign, that drives the strongest performance.

Services for influencers

We pride ourselves on our core values and experience. Coming from a background of content creators we’re familiar with the challenges that come with managing your social platforms and schedule. With a constant chain of communication, our management is individually tailored to each influencer, providing a transparent and broad selection of services.

If you’re in the gaming, beauty, lifestyle, cosmetic, or technology sector let’s discuss how we can assist.


Levity Media has been incredibly accommodating and adaptable to my workflow as a content creator. They studied exactly what kind of content I create and were able to find great sponsorship opportunities designed specifically for my channel and my audience.

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